August 2018  
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Position Name of Officer
Sunday School Director Scott Harper
Discipleship Training Secretary BillyJoe Durham
Vacation Bible School Director Pam Harper
Sunday School Secretary Pam Barker
Nursery Coordinater Pam Barker
Clerk Carolyn Scott
Women on Missions Leader Carolyn Scott
Children on Missions Leaders 1st - 6th Pam Harper, Deeawn Neal, Tina Price
Mission Friends Leaders 4 and 5 year olds                          Pam Harper, Deeawn Neal, Tina Price
Visitation Coordinator Don Neal
Church Trustees Terry Smith (3), Keith Davis (2), Billy Price (1)
Prayer Chain Coordinator Carolyn Neal
Flower Bed Upkeep Brenda Cole, Ruby Smith
Commander John Rorex
Secretary Carolyn Scott
Game Director DeeAwn Neal
Cubbies Director Brenda Cole
Cubbies Secretary Robert Farmer
Sparks Director Pam Barker
T & T Director Shearlene Durham
T & T Secretary Carolyn Neal, Jeraldine Britton
Cubbies Brenda Cole
Sparks Lee Beasle, LIsa Curtis, Susan White, Tori Smith
T & T Pam Harper, Shirley Gardner, Susie Weeks, Sidney McMullin, Keely Curtis